We create meaningful experiences

that delight your clients and improve your business.


SensesLab is a collective of multidisciplinary professionals focused on design strategy and user experience. We are thrilled to tackle design problems that require a balance between emotional and rational factors combined with down-to-earth pragmatism.

Values we believe in

The collective has a non-traditional approach to business that can be expressed in some principles we value and follow:

  • ○ We strongly believe in a multidisciplinary approach to work
  • ○ We choose the best professionals to work with according to our clients' needs
  • ○ We are always learning and improving our working methods
  • ○ We believe more in ecosystems than in competition
  • ○ We contribute to our community as much as we can
  • ○ We believe teaching is one of the best ways to learn
  • ○ We don't do spec work

A team tailored to your needs

Our network of high-skilled collaborators is huge, but if you decide to work with us the project will be managed by one of our senior partners. So, let’s introduce ourselves.

Bruno Monteiro

Ex-audiophiler, photography aficionado and typography lover, he believes design can make people's lives better. Veteran in the UX field, he has done it all from user research to visual design. Bruno is a keen learner and passionate team player.

Beyond sushi, cooking and books, he's deeply addicted to Gustavo's famous hot sauce.


Gustavo Pimenta

Frenetic seasoned user experience and design strategy specialist who follows the mantra “the experience is above all”. He's a very active promoter of the user experience field, always available to mentor and help newcomers to the craft.

Known addictions: chili peppers, green tea, brain games and power naps.



If we had to define our working process in one word it would be “adaptation”. We are a resilient bunch always eager to reinvent ourselves according to new challenges. But we have a solid work process that usually does the trick.



How can we help you today? Let’s talk about some of the solutions we can provide.

Design strategy

Nurturing a culture that values design as a strategic asset and spreads a design thinking mentality throughout all your organization. Design can foster innovation and effective solutions that comply with your business strategy.

Digital product design

Designing all sorts of digital products — like websites, web applications or mobile products among others — always focused in reaching the right balance between business objectives and user needs.

Communication strategy

Implementing an holistic communication strategy for your company, service or product. From understanding the real nature of your business to creating an effective brand presence.

Content marketing

Creating valuable content that educates while increasing your business exposure to your intended audiences (ex: ebooks, white papers, info-graphics).


Working on the various dimensions of e-learning, from technical to educational, or even building systems from scratch.

Service Design

Planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between service provider and customers.

Areas of Expertise

Ok, now it’s time to present the tools of trade we use to achieve the solutions that best fit your business needs. We prefer to work on a project from start to end, but we are completely open to helping you in one of our specific areas of expertise.

  • ○ Business analysis
  • ○ Content strategy
  • ○ Copywriting
  • ○ Experience architecture
  • ○ Experience design
  • ○ Front-end development
  • ○ Illustrations
  • ○ Infographics
  • ○ Information architecture
  • ○ Interaction design
  • ○ Participatory design
  • ○ Prototyping
  • ○ User research
  • ○ Usability evaluation
  • ○ Visual design
  • ○ Web analytics



Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better.

Alright, let's talk!
Rua de São Nicolau, n.º 13, 5º Direito
1100-549 Lisboa
+351 925 256 897

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